AID XINYANG is an initiative by Tan Teng Boo to assist the people of Xinyang that are affected by the coronavirus epidemic outbreak. As the epidemic rages on and decimates an increasing number of lives, China’s central government is devoting most of its resources to help the city of Wuhan. Hence, lower tier cities like Xinyang lack the provisions to handle and manage the ravaging widespread epidemic. With a population of 7 million people in the city of Xinyang, it has only 9 operative hospitals that are able to treat coronavirus patients. Having been in contact with Mr Wang XinHui (王新会), the vice mayor of Xinyang city in the Henan province, it has been confirmed that the city of Xinyang is in dire need of help.

The objective of this initiative is to provide the city populace with medical supplies, such as N95 masks, protective suits and goggles. Monetary donations shall be utilized to help purchase the necessary medical supplies, or will be channeled to TWO organisations in Xinyang city:

Xinyang City Red Cross Organisation 信阳市红十字会
Xinyang City Central Charity Organisation 信阳市慈善总会

To practice accountability towards our generous donors, it must be noted that should there be a surplus of funds donated to purchase medical supplies, the remaining balance will be re-directed to the two organisations stated above.


To contribute medical supplies:

  • N95 masks
  • Medical grade goggles
  • Protective suits

For monetary donations to:

Purchase medical supplies
Xinyang City Red Cross Organisation 信阳市红十字会
Xinyang City Central Charity Organisation 信阳市慈善总会

Where is XINYANG?

Xinyang is a Tier 3 city with a population of approximately 7 mln, located at the border between Hubei province and Henan province. Although Xinyang is located at the most southern part of Henan province, it is more closely related to Wuhan than the northern cities of Henan due to its culture and geographical location. Situated only 200km from Wuhan, the high speed train journey from Wuhan to Xinyang takes only 40 minutes, while a journey from Xinyang to Zhengzhou (the capital of Henan province) takes 1.5 hours.

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